Making a plastic chastity cage comfortable!

Chasity is fun! - some of the time.


This is how I altered a cheap CB6000s style chastity cage so it can be worn a lot longer without irritation and rubbing.


Starting off I got a couple packets of Sugru, some cord and the ring of the device.

Use the cord to fill the void area of the ring, using a little bit of Sugru to hold it in place. Then create a dome using the putty on top of the cord, using some soapy water to smooth away any finger prints. I found it took about one packet of Sugru for each side of the ring.

I used a peg as a make-shift stand to prevent the ring from sticking to the table. After a day the putty sets up and is waterproof, easy to clean and doesn’t irritate the body. :)  

It is also a good idea to use a nail file on the flash and seems left behind from manufacture. 


I’ve used my revamped cage several times in the last 6 months, still going strong and comfortable as anything. ^^