Gay Sauna Top Tips

Here are my top tips to going to a sauna!


I have been to several different saunas over the past year and I want to share with you what I have learnt and how you can be safe and still have fun!

For the newbies here; a sauna (also known as a gay sauna or a sex sauna) is a spa like venue that would usually have steam room and hot tub but they may also have dark areas and private rooms too. A gay sauna is where guys go to have sex and cruise about with others.

There's no harm is a bit of fun! Right? Though it is also important to stay safe. Saunas can be quite daunting the first time you go to one and here are my personal tips to help...


Number 1 - Research!

There are many different saunas out there and they all have different things which make them appealing and doing a little bit of research beforehand will ensure you get the most out of it!

·         Check for opening times and entry prices! (some saunas have special offers and free entry for 18 – 22 year olds)

·         Ask about the 'type' of guy that goes there - Are you looking for a sexy twink or are you more of a daddy's boy? (social media and review sites can help a lot with this)

·         Do they provide condoms, lube and towels?

·         Phone up the sauna and ask about the locker sizes, how secure they are and if they are free or not. There is nothing worse than turning up at a sauna and not having enough room to keep all of your belongings – beware of umbrellas. Big umbrellas and small lockers are not going to work out in your favour.

·         Does the venue have showers? It may seem like a stupid question but there are some clubs and venues that do not have showers. This can be all well and good if you are planning to play with the same people for your entire visit thought this is unlikely and you may want a shower between sexual partners.

·         Refreshments?! Most saunas will have a little refreshments bar, usually in a room dedicated to relaxing and watching TV and where sex isn’t usually allowed. It is important to find out if the bar sells alcohol. It can be nice to have a drink while you play though you have to watch out for that one guy who has had one too many!

·         How are you getting there? If you are driving ask if they have safe parking close by. Check train times and bus routes and don’t forget about Sunday services.


Number 2 - Prep!

Prep time is where you make yourself feel great. It’s all about you! Take a shower, have a shave, do whatever you need to, to make yourself comfortable in your own skin! If you are wanting to ‘bottom’ it might be a good idea to douche about an hour before play time.

Do brush your teeth though not right before you leave the house! If you have unhealthy gums and they start to bleed, brushing will leave you open to STIs when playing orally. This is also true for brushing your teeth after oral sex.

If you are wanting to keep your adventure on the down low it might be good to come up with a believable alibi. If you say you are off out shopping, make sure you bring back something from the shops. Otherwise your 5 hour shopping trip may look a little but sketchy.

Don’t forget to bring some ID along to ensure you can get in! They may not sell alcohol though you will need to be 18+ to enter.


Number 3 - Turn up!

The hardest part about going to a sauna is actually turning up. It is hard to build up the confidence to do something for the first time, and this is no different. A good way to help is to bring a friend along with you, someone you are comfortable with and makes you feel safe. This is especially good for your first time. Saunas can be a good way to explore each other’s fantasies and expand on open relationships. They are also a good way to make connections with others in this cruising community and outside of it. Think about it, everyone that goes to a sauna will have a life outside too, it might be the best time to make your business proposal.

You might want to bring something along with you like a jelly cock ring or even a dildo. If you plan on taking some kamagra just before it is recommended that you DO NOT use poppers (aromas) while you are there!


Number 4 - Have fun! Stay safe!

The most important part of your trip is to have fun! Though you also need to stay safe!

First things first, make sure you are constantly checking that you have your locker key with you! I personally recommend that you keep it wrapped around our ankle so it doesn’t get in the way of any fun and games and when walking you can hear it jingle. Do not take it off and put it down anywhere! Move it from wrist to ankle and back to wrist though never put your key down – you will end up losing it.

Make sure there is mutual consent! Ask if you can touch their cock, ask if you can pound them harder. Though this is important that you know you can say no any time! I will not go into consent too much as I hope it is something you already know about. Check out Dr Doe for more information on consent.

Checking condom packets haven’t been tampered with, and that there is a condom on anything enters your body. If you are facing away (perhaps doggy style) you can always reach back and check periodically. You have every right to turn around fully and check too! Playing on a towel will make it cleaner for others after you and will help prevent you sitting in some unknown fluid.

It easy to become overwhelmed with staying safe that you do not have any fun. Remember that you’re at the sauna to enjoy yourself, relax, fuck etc!


Number 5 - Aftercare!

Unless you like the ‘fuck and go’ craze which seems to be quite popular nowadays, after care can be quite fun too! It’s a time to get to make connections and relax after the climax of a sweaty session. One good way to do this is showering together, it’s a good time to talk about things other than sex and leaves you nice and ready for the next round. Cuddling! Cuddling is good too!

If you are all worn out it might be good to grab your phone from the lockers and go to the bar room for a drink and to relax. Seeing who is about on grindr at a sauna is fun too and can allow you to keep in contact with people.

Don’t forget to clean up after yourself, throw away condoms and lube packets!